Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Great Sofa Search - Dream Stage

I've started the house-hunting process. . Since I'm still in the beginning stages I am not yet worrying much about mortgages and replacing hot water boilers. Instead, I am allowing myself to dream about decorating and remodeling. It's very easy to let my imagination go wild when I have actual houses to use as a base.

There is a sofa I have been lusting after from A&G Merch for about 3 years. It's called the Greenpoint Sectional/Loveseat. I want the sectional, but in the fabric shown on the loveseat.

I fear the $3,199 price tag will be out of my price range so I'm considering a version from Ikea - the Karlstad. It's actually a very nice sofa and I like the fabric texture, but it doesn't even compare to the Greenpoint Sectional. However, it's a $2,000 difference. Oh god, but I love that Greenpoint sofa and I love the color - something I can't duplicate in the Ikea couch.

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Fatos said...

Possible compromise=Ikea Karlstadt
It's very comfortable, highly recommended =)