Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Little Hollywood

The top of Manhattan Avenue in Greenpoint, where I live, doesn't get much action and I love the fact that it is far walk to the subway because stays quiet for the most part. However, the last few months have been kind of insane for my neighborhood.

First came the production of a new HBO series directed by Martin Scorcese called Boardwalk Empire. It is about the history of Atlantic City's boardwalk from its origins as a quiet seaside resort to the casino empire it is today. For the filming, which is supposedly happening for the next 18 months, they took over the northern riverbank and park and turned it into a set of Atlantic City. Steve Buscemi stars in the series and I bet he'll be hanging out a lot at weird places like Tommy's Tavern.

And for the last couple weeks there has been a major movie production taking over 10 blocks of Manhattan Ave for the Jennifer Aniston/Gerard Butler movie Bounty Hunter. This one make me particularly angry because they have blocked all the streets and there is no where to park my car, they have crowded every block with ginormous trucks that keep me up at night with their bright lights and loud idling [hello, ever hear of the ozone layer?], and because the production people seem to think they are on a movie set and show little respect to the people that actually live here in this residential neighborhood.

That being said, yesterday Abe and I totally watched the filming of the July 4th parade scene and stood in the crowd cheering as parade-goer extras. I had no idea who Gerard Butler was/is, but Abe said he's a Hollywood Hottie. He is wearing the navy blue polo shirt.

You saw it here first, folks!

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comeoncolleen said...

gerard butler is from p.s. i love you. i never saw it but i recognize him from the trailer. i wouldn't mind catching a glimpse of anniston but i don't really care about him. i really need them to leave the area so i can park again. not cool. and everyone walks by our front window and wants to look in to see what our apt looks like . not cool.