Monday, April 20, 2009

Sunday Something

Sunday night Preeya and Dave came over for dinner. It started because Friday night Abe and I bought a new Homie and it looked like a Homie Preeya. Darn, I can't believe I didn't take a picture of it. Also, I wanted an excuse to make the Matzo-Crusted Chicken Cutlets I saw in Martha Stewart Living.

The cutlets did not work out. It's a whole long story about making my own matzo bread. I ended up just using bread crumbs to coat the tenderized chicken and baking it with slices of garlic and olive oil. I roasted some brussell sprouts, made a salad, and cooked some rice in the rice cooker. I felt like a mom making a real home-cooked meal.

I started eating and then tried to clean it up so I could take a photo

Then we had dessert.

Then Preeya played the tromboner.

Abe wanted to sign her to a record deal.

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