Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Responsible Weird Al Fan

Today I was all responsible and stuff and went to see a financial planner. I'm an investor now! Afterwards I had to immediately work on a project and couldn't waste time going into the office. By the time I was done it was too late to go into work so I decided to cut my losses (or more like wins) and go meet Colleen at Dalaga. We did a little shopping, went over Kenny's to drop off some soup for his sore throat, and on my way out I grabbed his copy of the Weird Al Show.

I was once a huge fan of Weird Al. He was my #1 musical artist and actor. I even saw him in concert...when I was like 21.

Colleen and I went over to Habitat for Happy Hour and downed some beers, mac & cheese, and a Mediterranean plate. The bar owner popped the Weird Al Show into the DVD player and the bar (all 5 of us) watched 2 episodes. This is perhaps the worst show ever created...seriously, Colleen and I decided we would enjoy watched Reba compared to watching this show. The only good part was that we got to see Bare Naked Ladies perform...I can't get over how this bunch of nerds got famous. Good for them!


comeoncolleen said...

it really is the worst show ever. It's like if Pee Wee's Playhouse didn't have Paul Rubens or any of the awesome characters that went along with it and instead enlisted a motley crew of c list comedians taking a break from taping the failed Match Game '98 revival.

Anonymous said...

To really appreciate the Weird Al Show, you need to watch the DVD with Weird Al's acerbic commentary track as he says uncomplimentary things about his own show. The network suits did everything they could to keep Weird Al from being Weird Al, but there are a few spots where they failed, making the whole thing, on balance, worthwhile. ~oe