Sunday, November 2, 2008

NYC Marathon 2008

Nothing wipes me out more than a day of watching other people run. Today was the New York City Marathon. Woo! Love it. I left the house and walked down Manhattan Ave as the handicap racers zoomed by in their wheelchairs. I instantly started to sob. The Marathon is an amazing event.

I met Meredith, Margot and Colleen in front on Fabiane's on Bedford Ave and we spent the next 2 hours yelling "Go so-and-so!" to people that ran by and had their names on their shirts. If someone was from Italy Meredith would yell "Yeah Italia!" and if they were from France she would yell "Viva la France!" Meredith received a lot of blown kisses today.

This girl's got the right idea - there's nothing like eating a box of Entenmann's donuts while watching people exercise.

When you are in the Hasidic section of Williamsburg you feel like you're in a different country...especially when you see signs like this. Did the Parks Dept. commission these to be made in Belgium or something? I am so confused by this illustration style. It's un-American.

One of the only bad things about the Marathon is all the waste.

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Brook Buesking said...

i just ran my first 5k in october. it WAS amazing! there is some kind of overwhelming uplifting energy in the air!

my friend is doing this one next year [09]. i'm going along for moral support!!

we shall meet on the streets, cuz