Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloweekend 2008

What would people do on Facebook if Halloween didn't exist? Man, it just gives the ol' social networking site a giant kick in the pants as we head into the holiday season.

I was on the fence about doing Halloween this year, but once I heard there was a party a block from my house I was sold and couldn't wait for the night to start. We started out at Habitat and then headed over to the weird "mansion" party later in the night. It was a seriously fun, silly, hilarious night. I think the photos speak for themselves.

Halloweekend at Bernie's II

Undercover Housewife

Everyone wanted to pose with Bern.

And then on Saturday I went over Preeya and Dave's house for Halloween Part II. I decided to get artsy and use the sepia function on my camera.

Junior came as "4 Piece Chicken McNuggets". Real original, Junior. Reallll original.

The best part about hanging out with a bunch of musicians? Singing oldies with Freddie Mercury!

I went as Dave's college friend, Ivan Phisher. This wig/beard combo is getting a lot of action.

What Halloween party is complete without pigs in a blanket?!

Shrink-wrapped brains

Preeya and Dave have a little mouse problem, but Joe doesn't mind sharing.

Awww yeahhhh.

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