Wednesday, October 1, 2008


So I *need* black boots. No really, I do. I bought a pair of slouchy black boots a few years ago from Ebay and they are trashed at this point - plus my doctor says not to wear flats and those puppies are flat as a pancake and offer no support.

For the last 1-2 years I have been looking for the perfect pair of black boots, but it's really hard! And the ones that I do like tend to be like $500 and homey don't play that.

After 2 solid years of nothing I am now willing to fork over a little more cash if I can find a truly perfect pair of black boots that will last a very long time. These are the boots I think I really want (picture in black):

I have been thinking about them since 2005. I saw something like these in a store while on a second date with someone who turned out to be a racist (didn't find out & run for the hills until date #4). I don't remember what movie we went to see, but I have never forgotten these boots.

I will have to have them custom ordered from Sven's and they will cost like $300. I have never spent that much on a shoe, but I have to imagine they will last a very long time and I have wanted them for 3 years.

My other option is:

These are backordered until 11/16/2008 and will be purchased from Urban Outfitters - cute stuff, but not known for top quality. They are $170 with tax - so still pretty darn expensive in my opinion.

And on a side note...not black, so I'm not allowed (must focus!), but these are adorable:


Allyson said...

all the boots are way cute!!!! i too have been searching for the perfect black boots since last season (my mom thought she had gotten me black ones but they were brown and then i ordered somt that were not as high as they looked online...super bummer).
Anyways here are my favorites:
Frye: Paige Cuff on Zappos. com
this is my dream boot. shana saw them on someone at UO and said they look even cuter in person.
at only $80 a bargin,
COlin Stewart Suede Sloch Boots:


Allyson said... i just looked more closely at the grey boot and it's my favorite frye paige boot but in grey and from a different angle!!
well if you are interested they do make them in black. if you pick up a pair can you grab one for me too ;)

Ryan Green said...

oh those are soooooooo cute. $402. jesus.

Allyson said...

i know!!!!!
but if i had the $$ i'd get them. i have some of my mom's old frye boots and they last forever and wear really well.

Market Publique said...

Go for the Svens! I got a pair last year from Catbird, and they are amazing! Super comfy and water resistant, perfect for rain or snow, or just general snuggliness. Mine are black with the black sole instead of the natural wood one, and lined with shearling.
If you get them from the store, they are like $265. Go now though, because they sell out instantly, and then you have to special order and wait anxiously!