Saturday, September 6, 2008

Online Browsing Break

I am taking a quick break in my day of screen printing to do some quick online browsing. I "need" a dress for a wedding in November on the West Coast. Is it okay to wear a cream dress if I also wear a sweater/cardigan over it? Is wearing cream a fauz pas and a dis to the bride? I don't really care about wearing white in the winter, that's fine with me. I love a winter white.

Another option I'm considering is this one. Who knows though, Anthropologie is so expensive and usually when I go to the store I'm not that impressed with the quallty even though the catalog makes everything look gorge.

I better get back to work so I can go over to Meredith's house early (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MERE!!), but let me know your thoughts on guests wearing white to a wedding.


Allyson said...

i think it depends on the bride if you were white/cream. Some wouldn't care at all, but some may. That being said, that dress is adorable, and would look super cute on you...
at they are having a huge final sale, i already got a dress for a wedding next year on sale (t's even cheaper now!) but the quality is great and I love it, it's the Silk Taffeta Ballerina dress... i think now it's only $80 with the extra 20% off they were advertising yesterday. But they have lots of cute stuff on super sale...

Morgane said...

i am not going to comment on your post, but i would like to know if you were thinking about going to the opening of the metropolitan home show house on thursday. i think it would be fun to go but i don't feel like going by myself..... so what would be better than my potery class friend!?
let me know what you think, and also, write me at, it would be more convenient
have a nice day