Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Minnesota :: Thursday

Ah, Minnesota. It's a wonderful state. I flew into Minneapolis late Wednesday night and spent Thursday and Friday in the Twin Cities. On Saturday my sister and I drove up to Duluth, MN and communed with nature for a couple days. Then it was back to St. Paul Sunday night and I shipped off early Monday morning. Here are some highlights from my trip...I wish I was still there!

On Thursday and Friday I drove my sister to work at the University of Minnesota and then afterwards I would get an iced coffee. It was awesome cause it was cold pressed.

On Thursday I went to the American-Swedish Institute. There was an exhibit of all the Queen's ball gowns, which was kind of fun. It wasn't a mind blowing museum, but still neat.

The coolest thing was that the museum was a former residence and there were 11 porcelain stoves in the mansion that had been ordered from Sweden. I would love to have just one!

At the musuem I picked up some Swedish treats. I grew up eating Swedish pancakes - my next door neighbor's family is Swedish and whenever I would sleepover his house his mom would make them for us in the morning. And then I got this Swedish facial soap that is made with egg whites. I have been looking for something to spruce up my skin, but I hate chemical stuff from the drug store so I decided to give this soap a whirl. So far I love it.

Later in the day I went back to Como Park while I waited for Jaime to get off work. I got a little artsy.

I discovered empty snail shells all along the bank of the pond. At first it was cool....

...then I felt them crunching under my feet like the cockroaches in Indiana Jones and I got really freaked out and got the hell out of there.

Jaime and I went to Stella's Fish Cafe for dinner and it was awesome. We ate crab dip and coconut shrimp till we were bloated and had to roll to the car.

Afterwards we took a walk in the park and a weird girl told us to look at the moon. Glad we did because it looked really cool.


Market Publique said...

wow! that trip looked like a lot of fun!

Anonymous said...

Do you put Splenda in your coffee?