Monday, August 25, 2008

Craft Sunday :: Volume 2 & McCarren Pool

Yesterday my friends and I had our second installment of Craft Sunday. I decided that our craft of the day would be to make dream catchers. The prep was pretty easy (the supplies can get pricey - but you'll have leftovers), and the craft itself was good for all levels.

Colleen telling us how she once tickled a llama with a peacock feather while at marine biology camp.

Colleen was the star of the day - her precise knitting fingers definitely gave her an advantage. However, the great thing about dream catchers is that they look awesome even if you don't do everything perfectly so really everyone left with a really awesome hippie craft.

After 4 hours of booze, bagels, cupcakes and cookies we decided to go to the last concert ever at McCarren Pool. I guess the city is turning it back into a public pool next year. Yo La Tengo was playing so the line to get into the concert was completely insane and wrapped around the park.

Somehow Jane got a secret password from a friend and so we went to the VIP entrance and told the guard "We are here for the naked dodgeball." and all 8 of us slipped right in.

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