Thursday, August 7, 2008

HEXA at Glasslands

Last night after ceramics class I went to see my fave band, HEXA, play at Glasslands in Williamsburg. It was a great show as usual and Abe performed his famous wedding reception style dance moves. I didn't feel very drunk last night, but today I'm feeling a solid hangover. I must have not had enough water.

Muscle Man, Danny, Maria, Preeya

Abe and Andy sharing a chair

Abe and I are babysitting Dave and Preeya's hamster, Junior, while they are in California for 2 weeks. I have always wanted a rodent - I used to save field mice after being attacked by our cat and try to nurture them back to health. They would usually die of shock. I think my love for mice and rodents (but not rodents bigger than a hamster) comes from reading the Ralph S. Mouse books like The Mouse and the Motorcycle as a kid.

You got a little sumthin on your lip, Junior!

Junior has natural hot pink highlights.

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