Saturday, August 9, 2008


Last night Abe and I met up with friends (Matt, Margot, Colleen, Piper, Ari...), and what seemed to be every stylish person in Williamsburg, at the East River State Park for an event called 88BoaDrums. Honestly, at first I wasn't sure what the deal was. We got tickets a few weeks ago - it was free admission, but the tickets let you in without having to wait in line.

88 BoaDrums was promoted as a wild drum event hosted by Japanese psych-noise-crazy-genius-types Boredoms. This event revolved around the number 8 - on August 8 at 8:08 p.m., 88 drummers performed for 88 minutes.

We got there and the light from the sun setting behind the Manhattan skyline was just beautiful. It made you completely forget that we were all standing on a toxic dump. I suppose it is fine as long as you don't have pica - or if you do make sure to bring your own soil.

So it sounded kind of weird and I wasn't expecting it to be too mindblowing, but it was something free to do. Well...I could not have been more surprised. Basically, I was psychedelically transported back to my days of weekend-long Phish shows. About 20 minutes in and all of a sudden my friends and I were talking about how we were on an alien planet after leaving our metropolis planet behind. The show ended with free ice cream. It was a pretty incredible night.

After the show we met up with more friends at Nita Nita. Piper has an adorable new hair do (she went to the same stylist at Mousey Brown!) so Colleen and I decided to try it on for size.

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Market Publique said...

Hey! I was there! I can't believe you're friends with matt & margo?! Me too! Such a small world! - Maybe I've met you before? - Let's have a dinner party at my house and meet again for real!