Friday, June 6, 2008

Gemini's Quadruplets

Happy 29th Birthday, Margot!!!!!! We're celebrating her birthday on Sunday with cocktails and Super Soakers at the new waterfront park on N. 7th and Kent in Williamsburg. Cupcakes for all!

gemini's twin - chanterelle

Tomorrow is the big birthday bash for me, Colleen and Maria. We all have June birthdays (mine isn't till the 12th), so we decided to throw a group party so that we could have all our friends together and party like we used to when we were young, single and able to drink for 12 hours straight. So, we have a big venue rented out in Manhattan, 3 bands lined up (included HEXA - the band Maria is in), and we're picking up 4 kegs and 6 boxes of wine to fuel the fun.

Should be fun waking up Sunday morning to go to rehearsal for my Grand Street Community Band concert at 1pm. Thank god this isn't a super serious band and I should be able to handle it no matter how hungover/tired I am. At least I have Margot's picnic party to looked forward to later in the day.

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