Saturday, May 31, 2008

Swap: Punk Rock Gardening - what I got

So the ants are finally under control and I'm slowly putting my indoor garden back together. I have all but 3 plants back inside - hopefully I can salvage the ones still banished to the fire escape, but right now I still see ants frolicking on their leaves.

Anyway, now I can show you what one of my swap partners sent me for the Punk Rock Gardening swap. Willi Galloway sent me these three items:
  • an adorable succulent - and one that I didn't have!
  • Matchbook Garden (each "matchstick" has a seed on it and you just stick them into the soil.
  • a stone she found in Mendocino County, CA (I have it in a potted plant right now, but I might try it out in a few other places and I might try planting something in the hole and see what happens).

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