Friday, May 16, 2008

New Item: Garden Trinkets - Little Birdie

Just because your potted plants live the life of an indoor cat doesn't mean they should be deprived of the great outdoors!

This series features is called Little Birdie. Each package comes with one bird perched on a stone. Place this little guy in a potted plant, or on a shelf among many potted plants. Just make sure you keep the bugger indoors and away from water - these birds don't like to get wet!

Each trinket is completely unique. I have a growing collection of stones found in my yard, on vacation, and even from flower arrangements sent to my office. I match together stones and birds based on their vibes. It's kind of like Millionaire Matchmaker except I'm working with inanimate objects and not rich men and blonde 20-something actress/models.

Each Little Birdie comes packaged in a re-useable box made from 100% re-used materials*. That's like re-used to the third power! Each package is crafted by hand and decorated with scrap paper and security envelopes (my new fave material). The box is secured with a button and string closure.

*note: I had to use new glue and tape for obvious reasons.

To buy one for your indoor garden go to my SUPERMARKETHQ store.

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margot said...

my terrarium needs one of these asap.