Sunday, May 11, 2008

Daytime Drinking

Dangerously delicious.

There's nothing like a warm Saturday afternoon in McCarren Park. It's like the whole neighborhood is out and on display. Abe and his buddies were playing a weird version of football and I was out strolling around and decided to sit and watch them. I got myself a to-go cup of whiskey and ginger ale with limes from the Turkey's Nest (I'm ca-ray-zay!) and lounged on a bench until a softball almost hit me in the head.

Abe and Sam both showed up wearing their Wired Birds shirts so their team was called the Blue Birds. It's really adorable how they call each other up to match their outfits.

(Abe is probably going to make me delete that last sentence even though I'm only joking. Jeeez.)

Some ice cream was had and then we headed back to our apartment to host an impromptu BBQ . We had lots of sausage, lots of chips, and Sam and Chelsea both kicked off this season's "Back Door Egg Roll", which is when we are hanging out in the back yard and order food from the Chinese restaurant by knocking on the screen door that connects to their kitchen. Later in the night we headed into Williamsburg and went to a pretty big rager on S. 3rd and Roebling.

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