Monday, April 28, 2008


This weekend I went on a much needed mini-vacation with 3 of my best friends. Piper has a condo in Cold Spring, NY, which is pretty much a picture book small town: situated on the Hudson River, Main Street is filled with antique stores and little restaurants, angry teens serve you coffee and bagels at the breakfast shop... you get the idea.

Our band photo
On Saturday we walked around town and had a great dinner at Le Bouchon. We rolled home and tried to watch the amazing Dolly Parton in the hit film "9 to 5", but all 4 of us passed out on the sleeper sofa by 10:30pm.

Creepy antique.

Sunday morning we went for a mini-hike and discussed urban myths/common themes in 80's shows. Afterwards we had a delicious breakfast at Cold Spring Cafe, went home and watch a couple episodes of Sex and the City (say what you will, but we all find that show very soothing) and then headed home.

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