Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Make Over: End Table

I picked this table up on the corner of 2nd Ave and 39th Street. I couldn't resist - I was walking to the train and saw it and couldn't bare to let it get thrown away. Funny, I took it on the train and the girl next to me commented on what a cool table it was. I walked home with it and when I turned up Freeman Street I saw an awesome wood bookshelf on the street waiting to be trashed. I called Abe and tricked him into helping me carry it home (he thinks I have a little problem). While I was waiting on the sidewalk the same girl from the train walked up - she lived in the building I was trash picking from. We had a good laugh, but she must think I am a crazy person.

First I put the table into the shower and gave it a good scrub - you never know why things get thrown away. In the city you have to be extra careful of bed bugs and cockroach eggs. I know, so gross, I am itchy just thinking about it.

Next I had to pull out the glass top and support board. The glass had a painted design on the underside that was half flaking off so that had to all be scraped off. I put the board under a heavy box of cat litter since it was a little warped.

Next I painted the table in latex paint in the color Flaming Sword. At the time I was too lazy to prime the table, but looking back I should have as it would have saved me from painting several coats of the Flaming Sword.

Since I scraped off all the glass paint I needed to do something in terms of decorationg. I got some paper from Columbia Omnicorp (it's near my office).

I traced the shaped of the board and added on an extra inch on all sides.I cut out the corners so it would wrap around the board neatly.

Then I painted on a bunch of Modge Podge, place the board on the paper, wrapped the edges, and put Modge Podge on the back side as well.

The original table held the glass in with staple gun staples, but I ran out of staples and wanted to get this thing done so I angled in nails and it worked just as good.

Voila! Now that this project is over I need to find a home for the table - we don't really have room for it here.

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