Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Keeper of Secret

Warning: This is kind of gross. A couple weeks ago I picked up a sailor's knot bracelet when I was at the beach (Jersey Shore). I get one of these every year. I think it goes back to childhood when all the cool teenagers would wear them (especially lifeguards), but I still think they are the greatest summer accessory. Plus I decided that my look for the summer is "yacht chic".

Anyway, the problem is that mine is starting to smell like stale water. I know, it's really gross. It's a bizarre topic that doesn't typically come up in conversation, but when it does it's so funny because everyone knows what you're talking about. I mentioned it to a few of my friends and I got comments like " doesn't take long for those things to take on the scent of a cast after its been on your arm for a month." and "just wait till you go swimming in the ocean a little, sweat some more - those things are the keeper of secrets."

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