Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Colleen & Kenny Get Married!!!!!!!!!

On September 25, 2010 our little baby elephant, Colleen, married Kenny in Brooklyn, New York at My Moon.  There is only one word to describe Colleen on her wedding day:  radiant.  The couple glowed with happiness the entire weekend and you could just feel magic in the air.  It was absolutely amazing to have all our friends in one place to celebrate two people we love soooo freaking much.  Congratulations, Kluttzogs!!!

Time to get ready!
Colleen's sister & nieces -not flower girls, but Princess Assistants

The Kluttz family
So much love!!
It's ok, I know him.
Lydia & Starr
During the couple's first dance we decided to form a weird woman circle and danced around them.

I don't think it's possible to smile any harder!
What?  You've never played Blanket Bride?
Ari has a book coming out next week - make sure you buy a copy of Herding Donkeys.
Erin, get under that dress!
Starr's turn!

For all you Real Housewives of New York fans:   ever been to a wedding where Money Can't Buy You Class is played?  Watch out cause the dance floor turns into a catwalk  (and many confused people stand in a circle and watch).

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"all" of your friends in one place?
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