Tuesday, July 27, 2010


My grandparents died a couple years ago and I miss them a lot. Sometimes I notice things about myself that I definitely got from both of them - namely not being able to throw things away. You'd think I was the one who lived through the war. I just found some pins that my grandmother brought back from a trip to Russia (maybe circa 1990). She organized all the pins by attaching them to a Russian postcard. There are a few pins missing and next to the spaces are the names of which grandchild took the pin.  I have a lot of things that belonged to my grandparents, but this card was so my grandmother and it really makes me smile.

(Becca, your name isn't on the card. I think it means you're owed a Russian pin!)


bg said...

omg i was totally looking for my name and wondered why oh why i was not on there. :(

Ryan Green said...

I remember we got to pick out the pin and then I guess she wrote down our name. Matt must have visited without you or something? That makes the most sense.