Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Allyson's Last Weekend of Freedom!

Allyson and I have been best friends since the 7th grade and now she's getting married!  We've gone through a lot in the last 18 years, but this summer is going to be one that we'll remember and cherish until the day we take our final dirt nap.

For her bachelorette party all 8 of Allyson's bridesmaids traveled from all over the country to meet up in Old Orchard Beach, Maine to celebrate the single life.  We did this by prancing around in our bathing suits, eating everything in sight, drinking all day long, and watching every single episode of The Hills.

Allyson wasn't quite sure what to do with this display, but it doesn't matter the shape or size, a Funfetti cake never disappoints.
On Saturday, if you looked forward, this is what you saw.

But, if you looked behind you, this is what you saw.
Either the world was about to end or it was about to rain.
It rained.
He is a very scary man.

Jill caught Whitney getting scrambled on the Scrambler.
Getting seriously about organizing our koozies.
R.I.P. my little koozie.  You were a casualty of the night.

Love you, Allyson!!!  Happy Bachelorette Party!  "I misss Miiiikeyyyy!"

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