Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Wesley Moves In

This weekend my sister, Ezra and Wesley came for a visit. They're leaving Wesley with me and Abe for a week while they go on vacation. Paws is not a happy camper, but Wes doesn't seem to really care. It's allll about him.

We hit the Beacon Riverfest and caught The Fleshtones and some very chewy and overly re-fried fried dough.

Then we took Wesley swimming in the Hudson River.

He was NOT pleased when we told him it was time to leave. As a matter of fact he threw a doggy temper tantrum and stood his ground a solid 50 feet behind us as we threatened to leave without him.

That night we feasted.

And then we marked our heights on the door jamb.

We also went for a little hike/scouting for a swimming hole in Fahnestock State Park.

Preeya - I wanted to take this full skeleton home for you, but Abe wouldn't let me!  There was also some reluctance on my part because I felt like we might be disturbing the forest if we removed them.

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