Monday, June 14, 2010

Colleen & Kenny Wedding Festivities Begin!

This weekend was one of the best times EVER. Not only was it my birthday, but this weekend we also celebrated Colleen and Kenny's wedding shower and on Saturday night the girls took Colleen out for her bachelorette party!

Andy + Maria

Margot + Matt
Brooke thinks to herself, "What is marriage?".
Meredith made this and it was goooood.

Pre-bachelorette party I spent a couple hours indulging myself in honor of my birthday.

Mmmmmm....Peter Pan Donuts.
Abe got me a bird house for my birthday!
Piper made me this for my birthday breakfast!
I can't really show photos from the bachelorette party.  Not because we did anything bad, but because we were a pack of feral dogs and I don't think we need the world to see us in feral dog mode fully accessorized in bachelorette party supplies.  Let me just say that I love my friends and I can't believe how lucky we are to have each other.  We started off real classy with a wine tasting at Bottle Rocket and then moved downtown to Biny for several hours of karaoke, and then ended the night at Enid's in Greenpoint.

It wouldn't be a birthday if I didn't end up with dessert on my face.

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