Friday, April 16, 2010

Veggies on the Horizon

I have a massive layer of rock about 6 inches under the grass.  I think it's cause my town is at the bottom of a mountain.  Either that or there is an ancient burial ground in my back yard. I've given up trying to work my way through the rocks and for the vegetable garden I built a raised bed.

This rhubarb has been in the family for years.  Seriously.  My grandmother grew it along the house for the longest time. When my grandparents passed away, and my aunt & uncle moved into the house, my uncle moved the plants to a more spacious location and they grew like crazy.  I took a cluster of rhubarb from my uncle's patch and planted it by my driveway.

On March 21st it looked like this:

On April 14th it looked like this.  It's creepy.  I think I hear her calling me at night.  Feed me, Ry-Ry, feeeeed me!