Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Enagagement Party Week

Last week Abe and I got engaged (still can't believe it!). One of the best parts of getting engaged is that everyone wants to celebrate with us!

During the week we met up at the Robeling Tea Room with a bunch of our NYC friends and family.

On Saturday we drove up to Massachusetts and my parents had a little BBQ with some of their friends (practically family) and Dave and Brit were able to come by for a little bit too.

On Sunday, Abe and I woke up super early and drove our butts back to New York to see my sister and her boyfriend. They were visiting his dad, which is awesomely near Beacon, so we had another BBQ, got to meet his dad, played with Wesley, and chopped down a cherry tree.

Abe and I also did a ton of yard work this weekend. Can't wait to share photos of the garden plans!

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