Monday, March 8, 2010

Beacon Weekend: Spring Cometh

This weekend Abe and I went bowling twice. Friday night we were having dinner at Max's on Main St. when Abe said to me "I kind of want to go bowling." So did I.

Saturday morning Colleen arrived and we headed outside to enjoy the beautiful day. We took Colleen to Walkway Over the Hudson. She was pretty scared, but we walked the 2 miles back and forth, and even used the telescope thingy. I am very proud of her.

On our way home we stopped at Halftime - it's this crazy beer store that has every beer in the world. It was really fun.

Saturday night we brought Colleen, Margot and Matt to Cosmic Bowl - Colleen is good, but she's no stranger to a bowling alley. Margot & Matt have only bowled a couple times in their lives and they totally kicked ass. And, finally, the guy that runs the place acknowledged me & Abe and invited us to join a league.

After bowling we went home for to hang out and had ourselves some French fried potatoes with a fixins bar.

On Sunday I went for a walk by the river and enjoyed the spring-like weather.

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