Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Beacon Weekend: Big, BIG News!

This weekend was really fun: bowling on Friday, a delicious dinner at Walter Foods and my friend Aaron's birthday party in Brooklyn on Saturday, my first trip to Stew Leonard's, and crazy, insane storms that ripped trees from the earth.

However, probably the most exciting thing happened late Sunday afternoon while on a walk at Jay Sharp Park on the Hudson River in Beacon.

It was there, in knee-high rain boots, wading in the flooded park, that Abe proposed to me and...


I can't even begin to describe how excited we both are - we've been together for over 4 years and I couldn't wait for this day! He managed to surprise the life out of me, and when he pulled out the ring all I could say was "Are you serious?!" I was stunned for a minute and then my iPod when off and Adam Lambert started playing from my pocket. That broke my daze and we immediately started calling family and friends.

Four years ago I had told him about a ring I saw at the Cooper Hewitt Museum made by a Brooklyn designer named Kiel Mead and he actually remembered! Love you, Abe!

No dates or details figured out yet, but I am realllly looking forward to planning my wedding. Talk about the ultimate craft project....eeek!


Han said...

I think I am the first on the blog to say this!!!

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!! Big hugs to you and Abe!!

Can we see a picture of the ring? pretty please?

Ryan Green said...

Thanks!!! I added a photo of the ring.