Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Bold & The Beautiful

I was a child under 10 in the 1980's and my taste in fashion & home decor comes from that brief period in time: Gitano brand clothes, Guatemalan worry dolls, friendship bracelets, puffy paint, glow in the dark stars...

Heck, if my gym offered Get in Shape Girl ribbon stick classes I would definitely be more motivated to workout.

So I couldn't be happier that bright colors and patterned weave are popping up all over the fashion & craft world.

Animal Bandito cardigan $64.99, Shooting Star necklace $23.99, wool tweed booties $110.00, 3'x5' cotton rag rug $54.00, Unique Freestyle necklace 195.00, Guatemalan worry dolls $2.95, knapsacks from Swank Dollar (not for sale), ICE Hex Bib Statement Necklace $85.00


Nicole said...

I had a Get In Shape Girl ribbon stick. For reals.

Ryan Green said...

Yup, I did too!