Thursday, February 4, 2010

Beer, Belts & Buddies in Brooklyn

Last night Meredith, Margot, Colleen and I went out to dinner at An Nhau in Williamsburg. Well, first Margot and I met for beers at Mug's Ale House and then we met the other two for dinner. Since I was sleeping over in Brooklyn I knew I could sleep in until 7:45, which feels luxurious compared to 6:15. This made me think it was okay to drink wine and beer for several hours.

I realized that I forgot a belt and needed one for my pants that I was wearing the next day. Luckily the Salvation Army was still open on Bedford and I magically scored this little macrame number for $1.99.

The food at An Nhau was goooood. We sat in a large, circular booth and felt like we were in an episode of Real Housewives of OC.

After dinner Colleen and I hopped a bus to Greenpoint and met up with Kenny at The Habitat. I saw that my old apartment is still for rent, which makes me a little sad. That building is gross, but a lot of good memories were made there.

Then we went back to Colleen & Kenny's apartment where we listened to the Suckers album, Colleen tried on her wedding dress for me (it looks awesome on her!), and Colleen and Kenny had some kind of dance off.

Walking over the Pulaski Bridge this morning I noticed this bench someone constructed. It's been there for a while, but I never paid attention to it until today. It's kind of neat.

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Han said...

I went past my old flat the other day and found that it was for rent again! lol.