Monday, February 8, 2010

Beacon Weekend

This weekend was relaxing, but I still got a bunch of work done. I'm experimenting with sewing fabric buckets and zipper pouches. Nothing is perfected, but hopefully they're not too far away from landing in my shop.

Friday afternoon we had a party at work. This turned into several rounds of Asshole (sorry, but that's the name of the game). I was president twice!

Saturday is a blank. I don't think we did anything until the afternoon when we went for a walk down Main St. to go get coffee at Zuzu's Petals. They took down their bulletin board and instead have a Business Card Box, which I thought was a neat idea. I took it upon myself to help them enforce the rules and removed all the duplicates and then chose my favorites of the bunch. I'm bossy.

I brought Abe to Beacon Bath & Bubble - my favorite store in Beacon.

Then we decided to have a drink at Joe's Irish Pub. We had 2 pints of beer and Jameson on the rocks for $9.

Then we made this recipe from Real Simple magazine - sesame chicken with gingery baby bok choy, except we couldn't find bok choy so we used broccoli rabe. I LOVE broccolli rabe. (I was too hungry to take my own photo.)

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