Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My Feet + LL Bean = BFF

Three or four years ago Santa brought me a pair of these LL Bean knit slipper socks. I freaking love them and have nearly worn them out.

These days I am finding that I need something a little more transitional. I don't turn on the heat in the kitchen because it is electric so the floors are freezing, but I'm also constantly running down into the basement and outside - my slipper socks don't like the snow and rusty nails.

I'm sticking with LL Bean and purchasing a pair of these puppies. The name of the slipper style? Wicked Good Moc Boots. How appropriate. I'm getting the men's version because they look like bunnies with the little shearling tail.

Mens Wicked Good Moc Boot

Womens Wicked Good Moccasin


comeoncolleen said...

i have these!! igot them for xmas and they are honestly amazing. the thing santa has EVER brought me.

Kaelyn said...

OMG, I totally want those!!! I'm obsessed with slippers!!!

eva slipper said...

wowo,cute shoes