Sunday, January 10, 2010

Love Ya 4-Eva

On our first date, Abe and I went to dinner in the East Village and then walked over the Williamsburg Bridge. Four (eeek) years later, we celebrated our dating-versary by walking over the Poughkeepside Highland Railroad Bridge, and then hitting up dinner and a movie.

The Walkway Over the Hudson State Historic Park (formerly the Poughkeepside Highland Railroad Bridge) just reopened as a pedestrian bridge in October 2009. It was freaking awesome, but it was also 10 degrees without the wind...and there is a lot of wind when you're standing above of the Hudson River.

Did I mention that we had dinner at the Red Lobster? It started off as a joke earlier in the day, but a few hours later we were sitting in a booth ordering the Admirals Feast and coconut shrimp. It was fun, but I think we realized that Brooklyn turned us into food snobs (thank goodness) and we're over the chain restaurant novelty.

I've never doubted how much Abe loves me, but after dinner he did something for me that not many men would do. He took me to see New Moon.


comeoncolleen said...

oh my god i loved new moon. topless teen wolfs in shredded denim shorts are my fave.

Ryan Green said...

When Jacob first appeared with his half-pony me and Abe were peeing our pants.

Brook Buesking said...

hahaha. new moon. that's awesome. congrats on the anniversary! i can't wait to one day meet him and see you again! it's been forever cuz.

margot said...

happy anniversary! we will have to do a walkway doubledate in the spring--i don't think i can handle it in the winter like you did--it's right near matt's parents'. every time we go up there we plan to go but get thwarted by the weather.

Katie Dulin said...

When I saw New Moon, everyone kept giggling in the theater. I didn't understand it...It wasn't a comedy!... Then Jacob walked out. I was laughing nervously for the next 90 minutes.