Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Happy Birthday, Abe!!!!!

My little baby boyfriend turned 30 years old this weekend! Ahhhhhhh we're 30!!!! I wasn't able to get Abe a birthday cake so I just brought candles with me and kept sticking them into things.

First we went to Ulysses and had a drink and visited with Fitz.

Then we headed to Brooklyn and made our elves comfortable at our Brooklyn home a.k.a Piper's house.

With Piper and Colleen by our sides we made our way to The Richardson where lots of friends came by to celebrate.

Piper got sleepy so me and Colleen decided to get "energy drinks". It was a lemon drop shot that we sipped while toasted each other in rhyme.

Late night Abe and I walked back to Piper's house and I bought him chicken and french fries from Kennedy Fried Chicken - one of his Greenpoint faves.

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