Wednesday, December 23, 2009

It's Curtains for Me

Abe and I realized that we need to change something in the bedroom because the wall color (dark gray and painted by previous owner) is the same color as the flowers in our curtains. As Abe described: "It's too matchy-matchy."

I made these curtains for our Brooklyn apartment bedroom in 2007. I'm ready to move on, but will probably use them in the guest room since they're still nice....or maybe I'll just recycle the fabric into a new project.

Some people may wonder why we don't just paint the walls a different color. Abe and I agree that painting SUCKS. It has taken us a week to paint the upstairs bathroom. Since we like the color of the bedroom walls we decided to change the curtains instead.

photo taken from first week - we don't keep tools on the bed anymore

Side note: you know what I've learned in the last month? Curtains and lamp shades are crazy expensive.

So now we need to decide on curtains. Any ideas? Keep in mind that my duvet is orange. Here are mine so far. I'm leaning toward the Marimekko Taikamylly Green fabric even though it's expensive (why is the blue a million times more expensive? I love that one, but $132 is out of the question) . Abe said it's too busy, but I'm a sucker for Marimekko fabric so I might have to overrule his vote.

Should this really be occupying so much of my brain? Someone make a decision for me.

[from top down: Tree Garden Curtain $28.00-$34.00, Bacati Window Curtain $34.99, Marimekko Taikamylly Green $52 yd., Marimekko Taikamylly Blue $132, Marimekko Metsanvaki Lime $42 yd.]


Han said...

If you go for crazy multicoloured duvet covers you might want to go for plain bedding - or visa versa :)

Anonymous said...

i'd go with the the bedspread!

Courtney said...

go with the green!!

Allyson said...

I love the top fabric. I also do like the green as my second runner up.

You know you can recover a cheap lampshade with new fabric....

the brown circles are my least fave.


bg said...

this one is my fav