Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Upper Weird Side

Abe is back from Olympia! We celebrated with a random night on the Upper West Side (I don't know, it just happened).

I bought a cute new Fruit Treet quilt by Alexander Girard from Urban Outfitters on sale from $148 down to $69.00 and then an additional 50% off - holla! (do the kids still say holla?) so $35!!

Saw other weird things on 72nd St...

Ok, so, you have $25...are you going to practice your pranayama breathing, or are you going to double down on Dutchess Sweet Baby Trillion?

Hmmm, let's just call it a night and have some jerk General Ttso with black beans and rice, ok?


Teresa @ good-grace said...

LOVE the UO quilt!!

Ryan Green said...

Thanks! Me too - it's going to go great with our duvet from IKEA: