Friday, November 20, 2009

Just a Li'l Thing

As you may know, Abe and I are moving in a little over a week. So, tonight I'm about to get on the train and remember to grab a bunch of free newspapers for packing up fragile items. I grabbed a stack of am New York papers and got on the L train.

I sat with the papers under my arm on the train and played solitaire on my iPhone. Then I transferred to get on the G train. As I walking on the platform I dropped the stack of 20 papers on the platform - one guy with headphones thought about helping me for a minute, but didn't. Anyway, I gathered them all up just as the train rolled in. When I got on the train and sat down I straightened out the stack of papers.

That was when I [finally] realized that I was freaking staring at my friend Jessica!

I'll have to wait to get more papers tomorrow because these are collectors items.


Heather said...

that's a great story Ryan! Good luck with your move

Han said...

Hope The move goes okay :)