Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mug Shots

I love coffee mugs. I especially covet vintage Fire King mugs. I'm also very particular about shape. I prefer an oval shape that allows me to tuck my thumb into the handle and wrap my hand around the body of the mug.

(Wow, I'm seriously channeling Andy Rooney today. Let's just roll with it.)

I also don't really like clear glass mugs - it makes me feel weird to use them for hot drinks.

Pedestal mugs are very nice to look at, but I'm afraid they are going to tip over and they aren't as comfortable to hold.

I'm not a big fan of kitschy coffee mugs, such as ones that say "Number 1 Dad" or ones that describe your zodiac sign, but there are exceptions to all rules.

[from top down: Fire King Milk Glass St. Denis Mugs $45.00, Fire King Blue Gingham Coffee Mugs $16.00, Peachy Fire King Mug $4.95, Porcelain Bird Pedestal Mugs $26.00, Federal Glass Company "Linda" $6.00, Retro Mugs $9.00, Mod Bird Pedestal Mugs $12.00]