Saturday, September 19, 2009

Mortgages and Ice Cream

Went up to Beacon, NY today - I'm house-hunting up there so I've been making a lot of trips lately. Today we looked at 7 or 8 houses. I liked three of them - all different styles - built in 1900, 1920, and 1965 so it was an interesting mix. Abe hated the 1965 house, but I thought it could be very Brady Bunch, which I'm totally into. I ended up putting an offer on the 1900 house and now I'm in a bidding war with someone and it's very stressful.

The 1920 house (did not put an offer in on this one...yet) had amazing woodwork - I actually screamed when I went upstairs because I couldn't believe how beautiful all the wood looked.

After a long ride home we ended up getting stuck on the Pulaski Bridge.

Stopped at Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory and split a pint of chocolate chocolate chunk - which we ate in one sitting. It was sooooo good and a nice reward for a day of difficult decisions.

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