Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hello, Again.

Hello, again. I'm back from extermination land. Our apartment is probably one of the most sterilized, chemical-filled homes in Greenpoint at the moment. Our building is seriously disgusting and falling apart before our eyes.

Also, this morning I woke up at 7:30am to a car accident in front of our building. My friend mentioned that our location is a "bad vibe zone", which never occurred to me, but it so true. Just the other night there was a fight across the street on the sidewalk - a mob of people and someone with a baseball bat breaking up the fight. In the three years that we've lived in this apartment I think we've probably called 911 at least 10 times. I don't think I had ever even called 911 before moving into this place. We've seen 5 or so car accidents, too many brawls and fights to count, and passed out drunk people on the sidewalk (like in the dead of winter and we weren't sure if they were alive). So yes, I can not wait to move in a couple months. I have loved living in this apartment, but it is time to start fresh.

And when I move I want to buy myself this piece of artwork from Famille Summerbelle:

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Leslie Miller said...

I love Famille Summerbelle! Their papercuts are extraordinary!