Thursday, September 24, 2009

Beds. Beds. Beds.

Abe and I are going to be moving in a couple months no matter what. When we move we need to get a new bed frame and mattress. The good news is that wherever we move we will definitely have more space (I know this because it is a requirement) and won't have to use under the bed for storage. You hear that, Paws? You get under the bed allll to yourself!

This is what I want in a new bed:
  • No box spring needed
  • Modern, simple style
  • No foot-board (per Abe's request)
  • Around $300 (for the frame)
  • No headboard - or it has to be the "right" one (I plan on making a headboard)
  • Made from eco-friendly/renewable materials (Ikea could be the exception)

[image above, clockwise from top left: Solid Oak Platform Bed $179, MANDAL, $349.00, Sandia Oak or Bamboo Platform Bed $339.95-$392.95, Dalselv, $99.99]

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Han said...

Our current rental house has an Ikea bed and mattress (our sheets etc don't fit!). Our own bed frame is in pieces under the bed and my Mum and Dad adopted the mattress for the time being while we have thsi "rental" bed.