Monday, August 31, 2009

Shrewsbury: Home Sweet Fun

Went up to Shrewsbury for the weekend.

Allyson (my BFF since 7th grade) came over Friday night and we had a big dinner with my parents and two of their friends. We ran out of beer so Allyson's brother dropped off a 12 pack of Natural Light - what a good little brother! Allyson slept over and in the morning we laid in bed gossiping. My mom poked her head in and said "Wow, it's just like in high school!"

Allyson loves Natural Ice and loves Tom Brady, but doesn't want that Stetson getting too close to her beer.

Saturday night was a collision of worlds. My friends Dawn and Mike (from Brooklyn) were in town visiting another Shrewsbury person that they're friends with so the three of them met up with me and 4 other Shrewsbury people at the Dragon 88.

I was halfway through one Mai Tai (they have the best Mai Tai recipe ever) when a girl at the bar said "Ryan?". It took me a second to realize that it was the daughter of my parents' friends - I used to babysit her and now she's 21! I texted my dad that she was at the Dragon and my dad texted back "OMG".

After we left the Dragon we headed over Dave and Brit's house where we had a major impromptu dance party.

Sunday I went over my aunt and uncle's house and harvested some rhubarb.


Hannah said...

Sounds like an awesome weekend - on the bug bites I feel your pain - I have 5 - 1 is all swollen even now like a week after I was bitten :(

Ryan Green said...

I'm losing my mind with all these insect bites. If you have any remedies let me know. I'm using Sting Eze and Cordizone cream and they don't work. Think Im getting more and more allergic to them. Listen to me - I am obsessed! I wish they would just leave me alone :(