Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sidewalk Sale on Bedford

Today Abe and I finally got our act together and had a sidewalk sale with all the extra crap in our apartment.

We made the bold move of airing out our apartment castaways on Bedford Avenue - on the corner of Metropolitan. That corner is the major crossroads of Williamsburg and we got maximum foot traffic, but it was also like selling our random junk on a fashion catwalk.

This older couple were our biggest customers - thanks, guys!

Abe working the chess set sale - 50 cents = bargain for your brain.

No takers on the trombone, but it was definitely a nice talking piece.


Anonymous said...

I would have adopted the Trombone lol. Well depending on what was being asked for it - I can't play but I've taught myself three instruments so far - a fourth can't be too hard - can it?

bg said...

I'm glad to know Abe is a red sox fan. You're parents must be proud.