Saturday, June 27, 2009

Wine & Cheese, Please

Last night I was going to meet Colleen and Lauren at a bar to have drink, but Colleen and I decided to make a pit stop at Dandelion Wines on Franklin St. because they were hosting a wine tasting of BOE wines.

This was not your normal liquor store tasting - they had 6 wines to taste and 2 giant vats of sangria with rum soaked fruit, and a huge spread of cheeses, meats and bread. We stayed there for over an hour and it was really fun, delicious, and free! That place is officially my favorite wine store.

When Lauren and I left the sunset was completely mental. The colors were soaking the streets.

Lauren and I then went over Piper's house and tried to watched Sleepless in Seattle, but ended up getting hooked on an awful Lifetime movie called Deadly Relations starring a young Gwyenth Paltrow. It was about a domineering dad addicted to collecting on insurance policies. It was pretty awesome and I highly suggest watching it on your next girls' night in - or on a hangover Sunday.

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