Monday, June 8, 2009

Craft Fair Craziness

This weekend was the Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn's McCarren Park. I was a little concerned about the fair being moved to the park - it is usually in the old McCarren Pool - where we would be so spread apart and out in the open, but it ended up being AWESOME! I cannot believe how many people came out for the fair. Like, insane amounts of people...and I live in NYC so we're talking like bajillions.

Fairs are interesting because every time there is one items that sells way more than anything else at my booth. This time it was my new pillows! This was very validating and confidence-building because I put in a lot of time to sew 20+ pillows. I imagined a table filled with a rainbow of pillows and it totally came out the way I had it in my head.

I'll have a whole slew of new items appearing in my shop now that I have this fair behind me and new products customer-approved. In the meantime, if you saw anything at the fair that you'd like to purchase and it's not in my shop, just send me an email: ryan [at] ryangreendesigns [dot] com.

Thanks to all my friends who came to hang out with me at Abe at the booth - and thanks to all the wonderful people that bought items from me, said nice things, took a card, or passed along my info to another friend!!!



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Morgane said...

hey ryan,

i miss ceramic class myself... and obviously you in it. i didn't find time to start classes yet. but what i can say, is that i love your bird on wire green pillow, it would match perfectly on my new green sofa. do you have discount for ceramic-class-frenchy-friend?

don't forget you are welcome in berlin

and happy belated birthday from the old continent.

welcome in the 30s! don't worry, it is definitely a good age