Thursday, May 7, 2009

Fishs Eddy

I don't think I've been to Fishs Eddy in about 6 years. For some reason I thought I didn't really like it - even though the Brooklyn tray Abe's aunt gave us for Christmas a couple years ago is one of my favorite items in our apartment.

Anyway, I just walked in there and I didn't want to leave! I could have spent a fortune in there and filled up 12 kitchens if I had a fortune to spend and 12 kitchens to fill!

I stayed practical and only bought 6 small ceramic tags for $2 that I can use to labels things (?), 2 small ramekins for $1 each. I also got 2 small glass storage bowls - which I actually need:

But here are the things I am coveting:

Memo Glassware

Jadeite Cake Stand

Tailor Scissors

1 comment:

Katie Dulin said...

Ryan, I hear you... I'm so wanting those cups with the notebook paper lines on them.

It helps if you just invision that you already own them. It doesn't actually help in the actually owning them part, but it makes me happier.