Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Nice 'Do...More Like a Don't

Our apartment is soooo hot in the summer and it's very sad for Paws - he has about 30 lbs. of fur on him. I can't get him shaved because taking him out of the apartment is very traumatic for both of us, so I try to trim him at home.

I gave him his first cut over the weekend and it's really bad. I feel awful. Abe thinks he looks like a kitten, but I think he just looks insane and it's all my fault.

Click for a close-up ... you gotta see the look on his face.

Aesthetics aside, the little man loves his hair-cut - I can tell he's so much cooler.

1 comment:

comeoncolleen said...

he doesn't look that bad! it's a small price to pay for how much cooler he'll feel as the temp rises. maybe there are cat clippers available? soemthing to think about...