Monday, April 27, 2009

McCarren Park = People Carpet

Last week my friends and I heard the weekend would be 90 degrees so we made plans to meet at McCarren Park (click to read the Wiki article - it's pretty funny) on Saturday to do what would probably be the best people watching of the year.

Between the girls sunbathing in their bikinis, young families attending the Kite Festival, mustachioed men with their dogs, and large groups of people sipping on giant beers from the Turkey's Nest, we could barely find our own patch of grass.

After the park, I went to The Deitch in Long Island City for an art opening with Mamie-Claire and Margot. The show itself was pretty fun - I loved all the colors, but the gallery space made it super extra awesome because it's right on the water. So the sun was setting, it was 80 degrees out, a soft breeze coming off the river, and the skyline of NYC in front of us. Very movie set.

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