Monday, April 6, 2009

Getting Paper Dolls Drunk and Facial Optical Illusions

This weekend was a friend-filled good time. Dennis came into town on Saturday to look at apartments. We hung out off and on during the day while I ran errands like selling clothes at Buffalo Exchange, and he ran back and forth from one potential roommate situation to another.

On Saturday night Dennis and I met up with Fitz, Tim, Sam and Chelsea at The Habitat and from there we hit up Alligator Lounge 2 (formerly Lost and Found Bar) and The Pencil Factory. Fitz' nephew had sent him a school project in the mail. It was a paper doll named "Flat Kyle" and Fitz' job was to take photos of Kyle hanging out all over NYC.

Poor Kyle had to grow up too fast.

On Sunday adorable Andy and Maria invited a whole slew of friends over for brunch. It was really nice to laugh and eat delicious food for 4 hours. I learned that Maria once went through a phase in her life where she was terrified of dead dolphins washing ashore.

They made little mini frittatas in a cupcake tin.

Luckily she overcame that fear and can now bake incredible things like this:

Most delicious thing ever.

...Andy had to take over the cutting.

Preeya made a weird face for some reason and Andy pointed out that she looked like the old lady in that "Is it an old lady or young girl?" illusion.

Preeya put in a lot of effort to look like a witch - this is not even close to her normal, beautiful face.

By Sunday evening I was ready for more food so, after reading a few chapters of The Beach and dozing off with my little Paws cat, I met Dennis at our favorite Greenpoint Polish restaurant.

Our fave appetizer - potato pancakes with smoked salmon.


andrew said...

yum, i can't stop thinking about that strawberry tart thing, sooo good.

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