Monday, April 13, 2009

60th Easter Optima Weekend

This weekend was very fun and exciting not only because it was Easter (very exciting), but because it was my dad's 60th birthday AND I got a new car - a Kia Optima (I put 2 transmission replacements in my old car and since the transmission was dying again it was time give up).

Friday night I hopped in the car with Abe and my cousin Eddie. We left at 7:25pm and made it up to Shrewsbury by 10:40 - and that was with 1 stop for food and gas! You need to be incredibly impressed by that timing.

We pulled into my parents' driveway and from the front walk I could hear Patsy Cline's "Crazy" playing from inside. When you hear that song at my parents' house you know the karaoke machine is on in full effect.

Abe and Eddie try to ease into the raging party.

Zeke is exhausted and dying for everyone to go home.

They might still party like rock stars even when the karaoke machine starts smoking and shuts down, but you are reminded it's a 60th birthday party when my dad shares his eye glasses with Richard so he and my mom can read Rod Stewart lyrics.

Saturday was filled with tv, eating Easter candy, rain, early bird dinner at JP's Restaurant, watching Moonstruck, and drinking rum & Coke at Dave and Brit's house.

Sunday was Easter (yay!) and involved more eating.

This is the third holiday in a row where Eddie was left to finish dinner alone while the rest of us got started on dessert.

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